Demon Hunter Strategy for All Skill Levels

by admin on December 9, 2013

Happy Holidays from us all at One of the most difficult, but most rewarding warrior classes is the Demon Hunter. Though all Demon Hunter fans know that the DH takes an impossible amount of damage, especially at the lower levels, it is one of the most formidable once built. The challenge is not necessarily the damage itself, but it is paired with the difficulty of leveling up on solo missions. For the uninitiated, the crux of the Demon Hunter’s arsenal is the ranged attack. This is made incredibly useful and potent with the rapid fire rune unlocked. Without this, the ranged attack is nearly useless. This puts the DH in a tough position because the rapid fire strategy eats hatred at an incredibly quick rate, as you’ve probably come to see.

demon hunter strategy

So, the right build is crucial for a sustainable attack strategy that deals a lot of damage quickly to counteract the hatred drain rate. Many elite players have said that the boar companion is good to use, as the life regeneration is great, while others prefer the wolf. However, it’s important to always remember that though a player has the option to choose new skills as they level up, it’s not always the best idea. Many items already have a life regeneration component, and the right armor combinations (off-hand shields, etc) can help deflect damage and give a higher block percentage.

Also, the enchantress, or other traveling companion can be equipped with the right gear to help knock back, kill, and slowdown monsters (especially those in hordes). Therefore, the wolf becomes less valuable in the long run. The life regeneration of the boar, is sort of misleading as well. If you are in the heat of battle it doesn’t make sense to use the boar. The life regeneration simply isn’t enough to counteract the rapid drain on life that the Demon Hunter will take. It’s better to somehow ensure that you have the firepower to keep shooting. What’s the best way to do this?

You are going to need the bat companion to replenish your hatred, obviously. The rapid fire can be calibrated to the most damaging. As opposed to going for the really concentrated poison shot options, look to do major damage with the homing rockets. These allow you to destroy enemies in all directions by sending homing rockets to the nearest enemy who is not engaged. Don’t underestimate the power of this weapon rune.


If you are new to this class, or Diablo 3 in general you may be wondering about this stat. Each class focuses on a different quality. For example, Barbarians tend to maximize and benefit from strength the most.

The Demon Hunter really benefits from dexterity. This allows the demon hunter to deal the most damage. What are some quick ways to increase dexterity?

1.) Be careful what you equip!

Some items have a higher armor, but no dexterity stats. Even a legendary, or rare item might be less effective than a comparable simple magic item. This is due to the dexterity. If in doubt just equip the item in question, and look to at the damage stats. If the damage is raised you may want to go with the new weapon. I say MAY because the other stats are important as well. For instance, if your damage goes up by a bit, but life goes down significantly, then it’s not worth it! Be smart and make sure you are able to understand what the cost of the additional damage is.

2.) Seek socketed items.

If you have been diligent in upgrading your jewelcrafter, you’ll know that you can create some pretty interesting jewels. But they are only useful if you have places to put them. Some items even have two sockets. Look for these.

3.) Upgrade with the right jewels.

With 4 different jewels to choose from it might not be apparent where your priorities are. You should look to equip Emeralds often, because these gems boost your dexterity significantly. So, with the right socket carrying items, you can add free damage to your arsenal.

These are just a few of the tips to use for the Demon Hunter, but be sure to check out more later!


Happy Hunting!

Diablo 3 Upcoming Release for PS4

by admin on September 14, 2013

The hugely popular release Diablo 3, has finally arrived on consoles. Diablo 3 has enjoyed success on the PC and has finally made its way to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is an adventure, dungeon crawler that takes place right where Diablo 2 left off. In this fantasy world, you are fighting off hordes of Diablo’s demons that have invaded and are attempting to take over heaven.

For the beginner, you have the ability to choose from 5 different classes to play from:

  • The mighty Barbarian-The warrior in a single word. Powerful tank unit that brings the pain with his weapons and ferocity.
  • The crafty Demon Hunter-The ranged specialist. Deals a great amount of damage and has an arsenal of crowd controlling tactics.
  • The powerful Wizard- The pure magic user. Can call down meteors for insane damage and create shields of pure force for protection.
  • The voodoo Witch Doctor-The special magic user. Powerful damage over time, and the ability to summon hordes of pets to protect him.
  • The holy Monk-The holy magic puncher. The monk can tank, heal, and deal damage. He is a jack of all trades, but is best in a support position.

If you are familiar with any of the older versions of Diablo, you will be pleasantly surprised with plenty of updates and exciting graphical upgrades. Many of the familiar dungeons have a similar feel, however, they have added dynamic elements to Diablo 3 and made dungeon crawling a completely new experience! If you have never played any of the Diablo series, be prepared for a quest that will take you smashing through many foes to find the true evil of the land.

The game will feel natural if you have adapted to modern games and you should have no problems taking the game from the start and enjoying it. If you still have reservations, you can always change the difficulty of the game to an easier difficulty to cultivate your skills before taking on the spawns of Diablo. The item system in Diablo remains to be one of the most complex in gaming, and many will enjoy learning the differences between the given statistics for their given character.

With its release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 already over with, be prepared to pre-order your copy of Diablo 3 on PlayStation 4, because it is coming! The PS4 release will be a completely new experience for any gamer. Having a graphically pleasing game like Diablo 3 to play on is the cherry on top for the gaming experience. For new console player, be sure to check out our older posts, or browse the forum for tips and strategies

How to Earn Gold in Diablo 3

by admin on August 24, 2013

As a player of the game, you know exactly how important it is to have ready access to gold, as it allows you to purchase better weapons, armor and other attributes in the game. However, your gold earning is often limited to what you pick up off of your defeated enemies and what you might find in a box or jar somewhere. Thankfully, there are a few options available for improving your ability to locate gold and to quickly increase your financial reserve.

D3 is different from most other games in that you are able to auction different goods in order to bring in money. This way, you can auction off items you have found or crafted to other individuals playing the game in order to bring in more gold. This is one of the fastest ways to increase your earning potential in the game.

Before you do this though, you need to know what items are being bought and sold. In order to do this, you just need to keep an eye on the auction blocks and look at what is receiving higher amounts of gold offers. Usually, the DPS weapon is going to receive the most, followed by items with improved primary states, vitality and then down the list to non weapons. This takes some time basically just sitting in front of the computer screen, watching the auction boards. Because of the time issue, if you want a different way to improve your gold, there are other methods available.If you are just starting the game out, you might want to consider being a Barbarian. This is because they are going to receive more gold than any other character as it is the most efficient in means of farming gold. To do this, you need to defeat enemies in a given area, pick up everything they dropped, leave the area and quickly return.

The game designers do release patches that correct these issues on a continual basis, but there are usually one or two areas in the game where they have not adjusted the issue yet. One of the best areas is near the caves towards the beginning of the game. After you have defeated the enemies and picked up the gold inside the boxes along the cave walls, exit the cave and then return immediately. There is still gold left in the boxes that you can pick up.

This method will go a long way with newer players, and through the inevitable glitches that will be present on the upcoming console release.

PvP News Very Soon

by Jon on November 27, 2012

Jay Wilson has mentioned that Blizzard will soon deliver an update on PvP for Diablo 3. With only 2 months remaining of 2012, I’m 50/50 on the PvP patch going live this year. This is what Jay had to say when asked about it.

Hey, I was wondering if we can expect to see anything on the next patch or pvp patch soon?
We’ll be doing a PVP blog update very soon. Sorry to keep you waiting.


Here’s hoping they bring a robust and competitive PvP system to the game and that they get it right the first time. Builds for PvE didn’t turn out to be as much fun as I had hoped but obviously PvP might change that.

Lack of Posts

by Jon on October 20, 2012

Although we’ve seen the addition of Monster Power and the Infernal Machine to the game, I’ve been on an extended break from Diablo 3. That’s not to say the site has been abandoned, I’m sure I’ll pick it up again between now and the PvP patch is what I’m really keen on and something the game surely needs to build a better community.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way – the game had a rough start but I think it’ll get there in the end if PvP is done right (more on this later).

Side note – if you’ve been trying to email me during the past fortnight, I wouldn’t have received your mail as I forgot to change the MX records when changing hosts. This is also why forum registration emails were not being mailed out. It’s fixed now though. Sorry!

Moving on.. With the increased survivability of WD pets in patch 1.0.4, I’ve been messing around with a pet build which uses thorns/regen gear. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but wasn’t really possible prior to 1.0.4. I spent a relatively small amount of gold to put together a set of gear that is around 15,000 in thorns and 1500 hp regen per second.

Before the latest patch, WD pets really couldn’t do much let alone go toe to toe with the bosses of each act, so I set about to see if the WD pets could solo each boss. Result? They can! The Butcher and Belial can be defeated without a recast while Azmodan and Diablo require some re-summoning. I do wonder if it’s possible to make an AFK Witch Doctor with a perfect set of gear. I’d love to put a set like that together but not only is the gear hard to find maxed but it’s quite expensive.

What stats do I look for on gear for a thorns build?

  • Intelligence
  • Stamina
  • All Resistance
  • Physical Damage to Attacker
  • Life Regeneration

With those 5 stats, you can put together quite a good set without breaking the bank. Adding extras into the mix like crit chance, crit damage and sockets is not only expensive but difficult to find with high stat levels. It’s something I intend to pursue as I’m interested in how such a build might work when PvP is patched into the game.

BuildMouse over for a preview.

Given I was not dealing any damage myself in these 4 videos, the only skills that matter for this thorns build are the passives. Fierce Loyalty allows your pets to gain 100% of your thorns gear and regen. Jungle Fortitude gives you and your pets 20% reduced damage while Zombie Handler gives us the additional Zombie Dog for a total of 4. As all 4 bosses are single targets 95% of the time, I didn’t spec the pets for any AOE abilities (they are poor unless there are enough trash mobs around as in Act 3).

Anyway, the videos!

The Butcher


There really isn’t much to say about The Butcher. He’s easy for players and pets.



Belial can be problematic for a lot of players and I was actually surprised that the Witch Doctor pets were able to withstand all of Belial’s damage without need for a re-summon, I had expected otherwise.



The hardest of the 4 to kill via the pets only method. With a bit more attention, it would be easy enough to direct the meteors away from the pets but the time to kill is vastly increased in comparison to The Butcher and Belial.



Easier than expected and I was only caught out a few times in Phase 2 where both pets were dead and on CD. Shadow Clones are just as brutal to pets as they are players.

Next up, I’ll attempt to 4 box all 4 bosses in the same manner and see just how well pets stack up in a full game.

Of all the changes made to each class in patch 1.0.4, it’s fair to say that the biggest ones were made to the Witch Doctor. Zombie Bears + Vision Quest, which has long been a staple of the WD, is no more. As fun as bear builds have been, I’m not sad to see the back of them. It made playing the WD very one dimensional.

1.0.4 Witch Doctor Builds

What builds are working for the Witch Doctor post 1.0.4? I’ve been using a Plague of Toads build that combines Rain of Toads with Zombie Dogs and the Gargantuan. It’s really fun to have both types of pets finally Inferno capable. It’s still early days and I’ve not figured out a replacement build for the variety of bear builds previously used but the build below has been working well with my 4 WD multibox setup.

BuildMouse over for a preview

While Rain of Toads may not be the highest DPS spell, it’s ideal for use as a primary attack for a few reasons. First, it can be sustainably chain cast for an infinite amount of time. Second, it’s an AOE based attack which can clear large packs of trash quickly. Third, it fits a similar play style to the old bear builds in which your focus is really only the 1 attack. This makes it great for grinding the new Paragon levels for extended periods of time.

3 Skills Not Crucial

The next 3 choices are not crucial to a toads build and you may consider switching them out for other skills.

I’ve been using Grasp of the Dead with Unbreakable Grasp as my secondary attack. GotD did get a buff in patch 1.0.4 and it does do some nice damage now. Spirit Walk with Jaunt is always useful for escape or for quickly running into a pack of mobs to get a 5 stack Soul Harvest with Soul to Waste for the added duration. I’ve tried swapping some of these out for Big Bad Voodoo when killing champion packs but I prefer the near constant buff of SH for trash and champion packs than saving BBV for when packs are found.

As for Zombie Dogs, I’ve been going with Leeching Beasts for some HP return when fighting packs that reflect damage. For the Gargantuan, Humongoid provides him with an AOE attack and as I can now multibox in Act 3 and 4 where many larger packs are to be found, I’ve found it to be a better choice than the others due to it constantly being available as opposed to something like Restless Giant with it’s 2 minute CD. You may consider changing the skill rune but Humongoid is good regardless of solo, party or multibox play.

Passive Skills

As this build is not mana intensive, Pierce the Veil is a no brainer. Jungle Fortitude is worth taking as this build relies upon both Zombie Dogs & the Gargantuan. I’d be tempted to swap this out if I was only using Zombie Dogs. I continue to use Spirit Vessel as a means of escape and saving on repair costs.

Why am I not using Zombie Handler for the additional dogs? Well, I’m 4 boxing and the additional ZD’s are of almost no use because they cannot fully encircle trash or champion packs and some stand around with little to do. Given ZD now has a 45s CD, it’s pretty simple to recast every 45s to keep all 3 dogs up. If I was playing solo though, I’d swap out Spirit Vessel for Zombie Handler.

Overall, I’m really happy with the changes made to the WD class. When I read that VQ had been changed (nerfed), I was quite hesitant about it but the update has enabled the WD to now play a large variety of builds which are Inferno capable.

Enjoying your class since the 1.0.4 patch? Found the changes to be good or bad for your preferred playstyle? Why not guest post on the blog and share your thoughts with others!

Diablo 3 Guest Blogging

by Jon on August 21, 2012

As I suggested in another post, patch 1.0.4 would go live before the launch of Guild Wars 2 and what do you know, it’s rolling out right at this moment. A whole host of new features is breathing life back into the game and because of this, I’m looking for people who would be interested in guest blogging and sharing their strategy for any of the 5 classes.

Interested? Read on for more details.

Diablo 3 Guest Blog

The type of content I’m looking for from guest bloggers should be focused on various strategies for all aspects of the game. Whether it be solo Inferno build guides for a specific class, Paragon farming strategies or anything else related to builds and min/maxing, if you want the opportunity to get featured on the blog, this is your chance to do so.

What Are The Requirements?

To be eligible to guest post, your article should be no less than 350 words as well as being original. Copied content from other websites won’t be accepted. Please include any relevant links to builds and images you wish to use in your article on our website. Your article will be exclusively available on this website and not copied elsewhere.

What Do You Get Out Of It?

In return for your great content, we’ll help to promote your own website, twitch/youtube channel or whatever else it is you want to highlight about yourself. Your byline will explain who you are, what you do and include a link back to your site.

How To Get Started?

Please send your email in plain text to info [at] with all relevant information pertaining to your guest post. If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email.

I’ll continue to post my own articles here but given my focus on the witch doctor class, I can’t focus on all 5 classes which is why I think guest blogging would be mutually beneficial.

I must apologize for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. I’m sorry but I’ve had little motivation to play and it almost seems pointless until 1.0.4 hits. I think it’s forgivable considering Blizzard themselves have been just as quiet on how they intend to breath life back into the game.

Earlier today, Bashiok announced an announcement (must be desperate to maintain our attention) regarding patch 1.0.4 and I thought I’d take the time to look at the people working on the changes he mentioned.

System Changes, by Wyatt Cheng
Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng is preparing a high-level summary of some of the system changes planned for 1.0.4.


Who is Wyatt Cheng? He’s the technical designer behind Diablo 3 and was the prime developer behind the Demon Hunter class. He previously worked on TBC expansion for WoW although I can’t find any information regarding the length of time he spent on that project.

It’s difficult to say what changes he has in store for the game but one likely change will be the disparity between melee and ranged. Wyatt Cheng previously stated:

I’ll state up front that I do think there’s a disparity between melee and ranged, and I would like to see that closed. I feel like if I talk a lot about thought processes and design philosophy and don’t state this up front people will lose the forest for the trees and conclude we think everything is fine. So I’ll say it again: melee vs. ranged disparity is not fine, changes are being made, and even if you disagree with the approach outlined below we can hopefully have the common ground that the current situation needs improvement.


You can read more about his thoughts on game design at his blog but he only blogs about other games and not those he works on at Blizzard.

Legendary Item Improvements, by Andrew Chambers
Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers is working on a blog detailing all the ways we’re making Legendary items stand out.


Given his history with Games Workshop, I am hoping the updates to the legendary and set items will over deliver. I’ve looked but I can’t find any info regarding if he was responsible for the abysmal gear to begin with. He was previously the Creative Director for SC2.

Magic Find Update, by Jay Wilson
Following up on earlier discussions, Game Director Jay Wilson will be providing an update on how Magic Find is evolving in patch 1.0.4.


No doubt about it, MF needs a change but I have fears Jay will over promise and under deliver yet again. Because you’re punished for grouping with others with low amounts of MF through the group average mechanism, there is currently zero incentive to group up with others. Removing the penalty and adding in-game gear swap would be ideal but I doubt those are the changes we’ll get. Looking at the suggestions Blizzard previously made for fixing the system (and I wonder if all the suggestions were made by Jay), it’s hard to speculate on what the changes will actually entail.

My biggest fear with any change is it will require me to re-gear my character and/or make my current MF sets worthless. Given I spent considerable time/gold gearing up 4 WD’s for my 4 WD high MF farming team, it’ll really sting if that’s how it works out.

Class Changes, by Wyatt Cheng
Wyatt will also be providing a preview of the changes we’ll be making for each class in 1.0.4 (and the philosophy behind those changes).


If you love the DH class, you’ll think this is a good move. If you hate the DH, you’ll think it’s bad. Personally, I think it’s a good move as most classes only need minor tweaks to improve their gameplay.

The big question is when will patch 1.0.4 go live? Soon – I believe within the next fortnight for 2 reasons. First, I think Bashiok’s earlier post today was meant to wet our appetites and was a heads up that the patch is coming very shortly. Secondly, Guild Wars 2 launches on August 28th. A lot of people are considering moving on from D3 to GW2 and are unlikely to come back regardless of the changes made to the game. I think Blizzard will need to get the patch out quickly while maintaining quality if they are to maintain our attention on the game.

One has to wonder what impact all these unexpected changes to the game have had on the development of the PvP system.

Small update – System of Excellence is a new function in patch 1.0.4 but as to how it interacts with MF is yet unknown.

Chance of finding items of magic and levels of excellence by Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson will inform the community regarding the chance to encounter magic items
and will also reveal and explain the details of the System of Excellence, a new function of patch 1.0.4


Diablo 3 Billionaires Guide Review

by TheHaven on July 9, 2012

5 Star Rating


Diablo 3 Billionaire Guide Review

There are several things I want to talk about when we are looking at Daniel Chan’s Diablo 3 Billionaires Guide, and let me start off by saying I was very skeptical when first hearing about somebody (Daniel Chan) achieving a billion gold in Diablo 3. So I decided to see what all the hype was about and see what Daniel Chan had to offer that I didn’t already know.

When you first log into your new account you’re greeted with a nice looking and VERY simple members area where you’ll find all the tips and strategies nicely laid out for you to dive right into. You’re also going to be on the Welcome page where you will see the courses and blueprints that take you by the hand and show you step by step with images and clear information how to start making some real huge numbers in the Gold and Real Money Auction House. The following course’s and blueprints can be found in this guide

1 – 60 Gold Making Report

This level 1 to 60 Gold making report is great, it takes you through 11 different strategies that you will use from when you first make your new character till you’re a level 60 with millions of gold and awesome gear! You’ll learn strategies like the Dank Cellar / Rat Run to the Act 1 & 2 Inferno Elite Farming Guide that only the pros are using today.

A Sneak-Peek at some of the guides you’ll find in this section of the course plus many more:

  • Old Ruins Goblin Run
  • The Ancient Path Goblin
  • Siegebreaker Run


>>>>I’ve Heard Everything I Need Too Just Show Me The Guide<<<<


Auction House Domination

In the section of the guide you’re going to learn A LOT. I was very surprised on how much good information there is. I probably used this section the most, as I didn’t know how many strategies there really is when coming to doubling even tripling your gold in days. Another great tool, is how this guide goes over realistic gold/RMAH prices and what you should be getting for the stats you just found on that new rare item. I see all the time people in the Trade Chat asking for price checks, (even I have been one of them) this is time wasted when you can have the knowledge to quickly get your item up and sold for top dollar.

A Sneak-Peek at some of the guides you’ll find in this section of the course plus many more:

  • Negotiating the D-III Auction House
  • Quick Trading – Multiplying Gold with Materials
  • Rings, Amulets, Shields (goes over pricing so you don’t sell too low)
  • High Level Item Selling & Pricing
  • Crafting For a Profit – Blacksmith
  • Tips for Winning Bids at Good Prices

Diablo 3 Basics

Don’t let the title of this section of the guide fool you and skip over it. I know even the pros can learn a few things when starting a new character, as this section goes over a detailed leveling guide for all the classes that will have you farming Inferno in no time at all. You’ll then have a detailed Boss walk through guide that goes over learning all the bosses abilities as well as how to best beat him (boss) with your class that you choose. Last but not least there is a follower’s guide that goes over the skills and recommendations for the class and build you are using.

>>>>I’ve Heard Everything I Need Too Just Show Me The Guide<<<<

Smart “Grinding” Guide

If you’re going to get into MFing and I hope you do as it doesn’t take a lot of gold to acquire MF gear (as of right now) and the ROI is very high, I highly suggest going over the section and taking your time – even print off the page can help as a great reference to have beside you when starting your farming runs.

A Sneak-Peek at some of the guides you’ll find in this section of the course

  • Harnessing Nephalem Valor
  • Quick Farming Methods
  • Farming Rare Items
  • Outdated/Nerfed Runs ( this section gets updated as Blizzard nerfs aspects of the game)

Detailed Boss Encounters Video Walkthroughs

I don’t know about you but I am a lot better at learning visually and this section is great for that. Daniel Chan goes over each boss encounter with high quality videos teaching what to do for each fight as well as there is a video for every class from Normal Difficulty to Hell. The one thing I didn’t really like in this section was there are no videos for the Inferno Difficulty; with a lot of people working their way to Inferno, it would be nice if Daniel adds to this part of the guide.


Diablo 3 Billionaire>>>>I’ve Heard Everything I Need Too Just Show Me The Guide<<<<

I know you guys are bombarded with Diablo 3 guides everyday all day and I know for a fact there are some awful guides out there but after taking the time and going over this guide with the mind set to pick out the good and bad information, I can honestly say I had a very hard time finding bad/ill-informed information and that buying this guide has helped me out a huge amount in my own gaming and also bring you guys top notch articles and free information.